The Power, and Danger, of Free Cake

    Earlier in the week, our Uni’s TV team, HUUTV (of which I am a member) took to the Fresher’s Fair along with the Uni’s newspaper and radio teams as part of the media stall. I’d spent the last couple of days baking six tins and two shoe-boxes worth of cakes and pies with the hope if using them to lure in new members.


    And now that we have just over 100 new members, and no cakes left, I’d say that the powers of free cake are a sheer phenomenon. As mere mortal human beings, we cannot hope to being to understand or harness its powers. We may only stand back and gaze in awe as it devours its chosen target.


    Many people would think that would be the other way round, but the truth is that it is always the cake that chooses its human, and the cake always conquers the human.


     Throughout the day, many cakes demolished their humans without giving them a chance to properly sign up to the media team, instead only giving them a slim chance of acquiring a leaflet on our doings.

    This is just one of the dangers of allowing free cake into an enclosed environment. Its power becomes unstoppable, a force of nature no man can hope to tame. Long may this continue.