Puffins, puffins and some more puffins.

I’m taking a break from being wordy, it does leave you knackered! So instead of words, I have some pictures of lovely puffins for you. They were taken by me on my recent holiday to Durham and Lindisfarne. These were taken near the island of Lindisfarne when we went for a boat trip around the Farne islands. Thank you to all the birds who stayed still long enough for me to take the pictures!

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Durham/Lindisfarne holiday montage, part 1

Here’s part 1 of my recent holiday to Durham/Lindisfarne. I filmed LOADS more footage than I thought! I was hoping to edit all the best bits into a 7-minute montage, but I’ve got so much footage to play with!
I’m splitting the footage up day by day, with one movie for each day of the holiday (four days overall) but this one had the shortest amount of footage, so it’ll take AGES to edit it all.
Anywho, here is part one, all things Durham, enjoy!:)