Some ‘me’ ramblings

Oh, hewwo there. Welcome to Frambles.

I’m Frederic George Nicholas McNamara. But please don’t call me that, it’s a goddamn mouthful. I’m a freelance writer/indie film-maker/professional worrier of life with a love for all things arts-related.

I tend to spend most of my days in a panic-ridden frenzy – writing, making films, baking, finding somewhere to live now that I’ve finished university, panicking that I won’t find somewhere to live, you get the idea.

Frambles is basically my idea of a bubble bath, even though a bubble bath is one of the best things, like, ever, ya know! This blog is where I come to just let my mind wander on many a topic. My scribblings are often personal, a little bit sad, totally hilarious and generally awesome. I post things like short stories, poetry, reviews on books/music/TV/film and links to other places where I let my mind explode.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at Frambles, ‘we’ being myself and Archie – my personal assistant (he’s really just a teddy bear, but I haven’t the heart to tell him). If you like the stuff I write here, you may even like the stuff I write for A Place To Hang Your Cape, a fantabulous superhero website where I review comics and ramble about all things science fiction.

If that doesn’t quench your thirst, you may even like what I get up to over at ScreenRelish, the hub for all things TV and film. I do more wordy things at World of Blyton blog, Andersonic magazine, WhatCulture and The Daily Heckle.

And if you want to know when I’m drinking a cup of tea, here’s my Twitter

If you’d like to know more about my work, here’s my pop culture journalist’s, and here’s my TV/film runner CV.

Oh, and if you ever need a script written, or a cake baked, then I’m your man!

Have fun! Be safe! Eat cake!

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