…and this is what it looks like inside. And this, and that, and this over here…

So, we now know what I want my dream home(s) to look like from the outside, now let me run the imagination tap and cook up what its going to look like from within…


This may well be too classy for me, but I enjoy the light, airiness this room offers.


This has a somewhat gypsy look to it – I like it!

10 jill barklem

I have no idea where I found this, but I adore this picture so much!


This couple look like they have the perfect life!


Snug or what?

apartment therapy- gypset

Snug AND airy!

bohemian 4

If this is only the corridor, what could the rest of my future/dream home look like…?

bohemian 5

Nature’s bathroom!

bohemian 7

More of that gypsy charm going on here.

bohemian 8

And some more nature going here!

bohemian 10

And this is the living room (of perfection!)

Bohemian Dream 1

Some worldly influence going down here…

bohemian treehouse 2

And this is the library (!)

bohemian treehouse

From the looks of it, this might be the tower room.


Yet another den to add to the collection!


This could be the waiting room (let’s face it, my gaff is going to be THAT big!)


A rather snug storage room perhaps?


An extra bedroom – can’t have too many!


Those are some very odd… stairs?


My back porch!


More of that bathroom from earlier…


I love how fresh and green this area looks.


Another guest bedroom.


The (snug) kitchen.

-sigh- why can’t all of this be mine. Like, right now?

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