Dealing with a Desmond, a ramble.

I haven’t written a ramble on here in ages, but this is more of a panic than a ramble.

Just to give a bit of back story, I study Creative Writing and Film Studies at Hull Uni, and I’m in my final year. I’d love to finish Uni with a 2:1 degree, but it looks like I’m heading for a 2:2.

Now, the general logic behind a 2:2 appears to be that those achieving a 2:2 are those who were more than capable of achieving a 2:1, but they spent more time listening to the waiters in the Union bar rather than their lecturers.

I assure you this isn’t true with me at all. Many’s the day (and night) I’ve spent toiling away at assignments, only to receive a lower than hoped-for grade.

My dream career would be to become a writer of scripts for TV, poetry and stories, and I believe I’m making small yet significant steps towards this. I’ve spent a whole summer, and this past month, working with several independent TV and film companies. I’ve had/will be having a handful of my poetry published in anthologies. I’m an exec member for my student’s TV station, Hullfire TV.

Obviously, these little achievements beef my CV up no end, but my main cause for panic comes from my mum’s high expectations of me. My elder brother achieved a 2:2 degree from Lincoln Uni in Business, and my mum was initially disappointed with this (maybe now due more to the fact that he’s yet to do anything with his degree). Not having gone to Uni herself, I managed to assure her that a 2:2 was still worth the three years he’d spent studying for it, as it’s still an Honours degree at a decent level.

Another cause for panic is the assumption that an arts degree like mine is easier to study for than a degree like my brother’s. It’s bad enough to be studying, quite literally, a ‘mickey mouse’ degree (Hull does offer a module in Disney Studies, which I did’t plump for).

But I’m trying to think of the positives of all this. For starters, my degree, should I get the dreaded Desmond, would still be an Honours and would be better than a Third, pass, or fail. Given that I’m aiming for a career within TV, some might think it odd that I chose to study at Hull, as its predominately theory based modules.

But I think differently. Studying theory modules required me to get off my arse and go hunting for practical work experiences in TV and film, which I’ve achieved a fair bit of.

I feel that the further I get in life, the less it’ll matter about the specifics of my degree, but right now I just feel like I’d feel disappointed with the degree level I’m likely to get. I feel that it’ll say ‘you did okay, but you could have done better, and you know you could of’.

If anyone has any words of advice, or any words in general to offer, then feel free to comment. I probably need the reinforcement, although right now I feel more like I need a hug.

So, yeah, I think that’s it.

Ramble over.

Panic continues.


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