Apologies and Updates

Not that anyone is foolish enough to take a serious interest in this blog, but I do apologize to anyone who DOES take an interest in it, and to myself, for the lack of posts this past month.

Uni, student TV and work experience are taking up a lot of my time, but in the meantime, the good people at United Press have decided, God help them, to publish one of my earlier poems in a new anthology of theirs.

Slinky Green will be featured in their new collection called Bringing It Home, and will be released later this year.

Plus, a recently written essay of mine, one that examines why the cult classic sci-fi puppet show Thunderbirds doesn’t get much academic attention, is also going to be published! The people of Andersonic magazine, a magazine that focuses on examining the works of Gerry Anderson in a serious, critical light, announced the FAB news to me a few days ago, and, needless to say, I’m bloody chuffed!

So sorry again to those who, for whatever reason, actually like the things I ramble on about. Hopefully I’ll return to writing more rambles in the near future, as my poetry has taken over from them somewhat.

Keep on scribbling!

Slouching, a poem

Limp fog dangles over
Street lights and rolling
Headlights, in brittle,
Soot-like night.

Pin-top buildings pierce their
Stillness through the fog’s
Hunches, slipping down walls
Like melting snow.

The tabletop city stirs
As the cloth-fog becomes
Wrenched away for its
Sun-burst wash.

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