A Quartet of Nonsense, part 2 – Legless Wind

Breathless wind
On the run,
Constant pant.

Ducking, diving,
Charging, gliding,

But no hiding.

No pausing to refill
Your formless lungs.

No hand to stroke,
No head to kiss,
No ear to whisper;
‘Its okay, just tell me what’s wrong.’

No mouth to speak,
No eyes to cry.

Just a legless run,
No way to stop.

Temporary shutdown of Frambles

I’m putting Frambles on the back-burner for a couple/few/loads??? of weeks, as not only is Christmas and the new year coming up soon, but I’ve a ton of Uni assignments to drown myself in:

  • One thirty-page script, with commentary.
  • One 3000-word essay on the cult classic Thunderbirds,
  • Another 3000-word essay on representations of the body in the films of Troma,
  • One seminar write-up (already done, but probably awful),
  • And one proposal for my short story dissertation project.

So in case this all spills over into the new year (I’m already certain it will) I just want to say thank you to you all for an awesome first half-year for my blog! Thank to all the lovely and flattering comments people have been giving me about my creative writing, and hopefully I’ll have plenty more for you as soon as possible.

Ttfn folks! 🙂