When Ladybirds Disturb your Essay-writing

In an earlier post, I rambled on about what it was like living with cats at Uni. Now I’ve gone one better! Sort of. I’ve recently found these ladybirds perched on my bedroom light, looking all sleepy and cozy.


Snoozing away.

    I think they’ve made my room their home via the fact that I tend to keep my windows and curtains open for as long as possible. What with the winter hours drawing in quicker and quicker, I don’t usually get back from Uni till seven in the evening, by which time my room is the only one in the street who’s windows and curtains are wide open.

    All this is good news for both the ladybirds, and for burglars. But fortunately, my room is on the first floor of the house, so the ladybirds have an easier time finding me.


Must be awfully hot up there!

    They make for lovely decor, but my only worry is if they’ll stay there until some new ladybirds emerge, and if that were to happen I’m afraid I’ll have to shoo them along.

    But they’re awfully quiet and peaceful at present, and they’re still managing to distract me from my first essay of the year. Maybe I’ll start keeping a ladybird diary as time goes by, but for now, I’ll just leave them to their snuggliness (if that’s even a word).

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