The Weapons of a Scribbler.

Sorting through the many books I have for Uni, I’ve only just discovered the amount of notebooks I have for my writings, and not even for my lecture notes! These books are for, mostly, all the non-Uni writings I do, which includes poetry, prose, recipes, media-related notes, and other utterly random scribblings.


My self-written library, which I’ve only just realized I had.

    My main one is my Queen book, the large black one, which is full of scribbles, ideas, thoughts and rough sketches of work I use for both Uni and personal scribblings.

    My Marvel superhero book is the one I use as Head of Drama for HUUTV, its full of all the ideas, proposals/treatments, and scripts that I have in mind, or have already used, for our productions. As you can probably guess, I really only write in this book because I get to colour it all in. God, I’m such a child.



    My doggy notebook used to be my short story/poetry book, but now its used for miscellaneous scribbles and the occasional recipe.

    I’ve posted about my new poetry book in a previous post, complete with the wonderfully tacky drawings that go along with the poems.


Didn’t even get round to mentioning the handy Oxford side-dishes.

    The smaller-looking peacock book is currently empty, but I hope to use it as a book to catalog all my stories, both short and novella, which will take an absolute eternity! (Even if I’ve only got four short stories and one novella that are any good at all)

    The tiniest of the bunch, the Wuthering Heights one, came free with a bag of goodies given away by Waterstones’ stall at the fresher’s fair this year, and I originally started using it as my new poetry book. But now I’ve a proper book for that, its yet to serve a proper purpose, but that doesn’t stop it being the cutest book in my collection.

    As an aspiring writer, its only natural I have a constant supply of notebooks handy, but I just didn’t realize I had this many already. And I’ll probably realize the same thing, when I acquire more and more of them!

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