Attack of the Pie-Horse-Cloud, a limerick

Hazy clouds float by,
Different things, eye to eye.
That one looks like a mule,
And that one a ghoul,
But gad, that ones a pie!

A hungry mouth floats close,
That pie will soon be toast!
But see, it morphs,
Into a horse,
And scares the mouth to the utmost!

The mouth turns and runs away,
Which for a cloud is quite a display.
It doesn’t have any legs,
And for ground, it would have to beg.
Such a pathetic getaway!

The horse tramples the mouth to death,
Barely giving it a last breath.
The mouth deteriorates,
White puffs evaporate,
While the horse snorts success.

The horse then stares at me,
Wonder what its interest could be?
Its trot turns quick,
And he’s chomping at the bit!
Run for it folks, he’s after me!


3 thoughts on “Attack of the Pie-Horse-Cloud, a limerick

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