Falling in Love (With Tea, Musical Accompaniment by Tom Waits)

A short while ago, I posted a ramble about drinking my first full cup of tea, and what I thought of It.

   I didn’t think much of it.

   In fact I really didn’t like it at all, but I still downed it.

   But here I am, a few weeks later, and I’m now an official tea-lover. So how did this all change?

   Well, to start with, that first cup of tea I tried was full of some fancy African/Kenyan leafs. The stuff I drink now is bog-standard Yorkshire Black Tea, which agrees with me much more. I bought the stuff on a whim whilst shopping, along with some Tesco Gold Coffee (but that’s a different, and sickeningly bitter, story all together…)

   Armed with one third boiling water, two third semi-skinned milk, and a teaspoon of white sugar, I now have a beverage that perfectly accompanies my blogging.


All I’m missing is a teapot.

   My mum, a copious tea/coffee downer, says she didn’t get into tea till she was 27! So by comparison, it does me proud to say its taken me 20 years and six months to drink tea proper (and hate it), and only 20 years and seven months to fall completely in love with the stuff.

   Oh, and I’m writing this whilst listening to my new Tom Waits album.


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