My (hand-written, self-drawn, and Waterstones-bought) poetry book

DSC00311111    I guess this stems from my love of classic vinyl asopposed to modern, digital mp3, but I love the ability to hold and feel something in your hands, and see it with your eyes, rather than simply accept it via a computer screen, and nothing more.

    To that end, I’ve begun to scribble my poetry down in this handsome little journal I bought from Waterstones, and give each piece a not-quite-so-handsome drawing.

    Seriously though, the drawings are bloody awful.

DSC00315    But if you look at them from a distance, they do look reasonably pleasent.

    And at least the drawings have some colour to them.

DSC00316    I tend to treat my drawing like my poetry. I’m no good at either, but I like doing them! And once I’d actually written the poems into the journal, there was plenty of space to mess with, so I figured I might as well give myself something nice to look at.

DSC00318    I got the idea from Spike Milligan’s collection of verse, Small Dreams of  Scorpion, which includes drawings by himself and his daughter, Laura Milligan. But I’m certainly not saying that my scrappy (or rather crappy) collection of verse can be compared to Milligan’s Scorpion collection. If anything, Milligan manages to say so much more in a few lines that I can ever say across several pages. Take these words for example; ‘God made night, but man made darkness.’

    And then there’s me, writing poems about puddles.

DSC00319    I hope to fill this book with more scrappy crap about puddles, and leafs, trees, floating pillows and much more incoherant rabble. But as long as I manage to fill this book with poems, and doodles, that I can happily snuggle up with in bed, I think I’ll do okay.DSC00314




2 thoughts on “My (hand-written, self-drawn, and Waterstones-bought) poetry book

  1. Definitely keep writing poetry! You may want to check out, its a wordpress blog with several prompts and “Open Link Night” a few times a week. Poets from all over the globe share and I have found it fun to challenge myself, together with others to see what we all come up with.

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