On Suddenly Becoming a Poet

With every poem I’ve written this month on here, I’ve also been writing them down into a little Penguin notebook, just for a bit of bedtime reading. Just now, I was about to scribble in my latest addition, The Leaf’s Embrace, when its suddenly struck me.

     I like poetry.

     And I’ve only just realized this.

     Now I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I’ve always limited myself to stories and scripts. I never used to read or write poetry as a rule, and only had a go at poetry just before I cam to Uni, and that quickly went down the drain, (the poetry writing, not Uni!) But last year, one of my modules was dedicated to Writing poetry. Indeed, its name was Writing Poetry. And it wasn’t exactly my favorite class.

     We were all awful. None of us really knew what we were doing, especially me. And our teacher was a right royal cliche. I kid you not, he’s an unmarried drunkard whom we found in his office one day, slouched over the desk with a bottle of whiskey next to him.

     We wouldn’t have tried to poke him back to life had he not had a lecture to teach. Ours.

     But anywho, I managed to scrape through the module with a 2:2 (basically a C/B). And many weeks after the year had finished, I was rambling about online looking for writing competitions. I came across one for poetry, United Press’s National Poetry Anthology, and it was 100% free, so ‘why not’ I thought?

     So I sent some stuff off, all of which were pieces from the module. I instantly forgot about the whole thing until I got an email from the company (United Press) several more months later saying that although I hadn’t won, I’d been short-listed.

     I was, to be blunt, mind-raped.

     I still hadn’t got over this when the next day, I got a letter from the same people saying that one of my poems Pillow Drifter, had been selected for another anthology they have in the works called Between the Lines.

   I was, to be blunt, mind-raped, again.

     And that made me content for the rest of the summer hols (which for UK Uni students adds up to about 3/4 months!) and I never wrote a single poem again. Although all throughout summer, I had an idea for another poem to follow up Pillow Drifter in the back of my mind.

    But I left it there for quite a while. Until earlier this month when, for some reason, I was compelled enough to actually sit down and try to bash this thing out. Tree Top Hat became its name, and ever since my pen’s been scribbling away in my big black notebook. I’ve managed to bash out five other poems since then, which for many of the seasoned wordsmiths on WordPress is nothing, but for me, its nearly everything.

    I still don’t read much poetry. I’ve several books on the subject that I inherited from my Dad when he died a few months ago, and have given them a flick through every now and then. I really must sit down and study them I guess.

    But I’m still not altogether sure where this new-found love for writing poetry comes from. I mean, I’m pretty sure that what I write barely constitutes as poetry. I ignore the rules regarding forms and stanzas completely (which I didn’t do with Pillow Drifter) and simply structure my pieces how I think they should be read.

    If anything, half of the reason would have to go to soon seeing my work actually in print, while the other half I think I’ll put down to my actual blog, where I post it all. Creating this blog had given me some new-found love for writing, rambling, story-telling and amusing myself and those who stop by this place.

    And writing poetry has given me so much satisfaction as well. Even more so when I wake up the following day after posting my latest piece and find that several of you lovely folk here actually like my pieces as well!

    I think I’ll definitely carry on with this whole poetry lark. It’ll be interesting to see what I may or may not come up with by the end of the month.

    Anyway, can’t stop, my housemate wants to go out to Domino’s for a pizza night. Perhaps I’ll poet about it later on…


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