Trying a Whole Cup of Tea for the First Time (And Not Thinking Much of It)

Well, this ramble is going to be pretty obvious from the title, but hard as it may be to believe, I, a twenty-year-old Englishman, have NEVER downed a cup of this stuff at all. Ever. Never ever. Never ever never. Never ever never ever. Ish.

   I seem to remember having a sip of something that MIGHT have been tea when I was younger, but didn’t think much of it. I seem to remember it tasting very watery and bitter. Can’t remember what type of tea it was, but this one was ‘Specially blended with Assam and Kenyan leaves.’

   It came as part of a Graze box I got a week or so ago, so why didn’t I just ignore the tea bag? I guess its because thinking about drinking the tea made me feel rather mature (da fuq, ri. I often get a bashing round the ear when I’m at a friend’s house and they kindly offer me this British institution, and I have to flatly turn them down, saying I don’t drink tea and never have, but not really giving a reason as to why.



   Anywho, I made this tea like the way I make tea for my mum and her horse-riding friends. We have a lot of them round our farm for lessons and other such horsey-things, and its always been my job to make the tea and supply the cake. I’m more than happy to take care of the cake, and apparently I make a fine cup of tea, not that I’d know. Anywho again, I usually make the tea with two-thirds water and one-third milk, and this is what I did for my own tea. As soon as I had poured the lot together, I gave it my first sip…

   Bleurgh. That’s all I can say. But I drank the lot anyway, and what with me coming down with a cold, anything liquid and hot must be a step in the right direction. Again, like that one time I may or may not have drunk something that might or might not have been tea, it tasted watery and bitter.

   But I didn’t not like it. and for all I know I might be one of those people who like their tea particularly milky, or with plenty of sugar, or maybe Assam and Kenyan leaves just aren’t my cup of tea (ba-dum-tsssh).

   Maybe I’ll buy some more tea on the future. If its a decent looking flavour. And its on offer. And it specifically states on the packaging that it tastes neither watery nor bitter.


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