Living with Cats at Uni.

My housemate bought himself a couple of kittens over the summer (as he lived in our student house all holidays) and they’ve now grown into proper young men, called Issac and Erwin. They’re brothers (duh!) and are surprisingly tame creatures, for cats anyway.

I still can't tell which is which.

I still can’t tell which is which.

Like all young cats, they have a constant fascination with the world around, them and a constantly fascinated expression at everything they do. They also haven’t quite managed to grasp the concept of ‘being in the way when you walk towards them until its too late’. As you come up or down the stairs, and they happen to be there, they just look at you, then to each other, then back to you again, all the while thinking ‘Oh my god, he’s coming towards us! What the hell do we do?!’


Such little darlings, when they’re not demolishing the house.

As evidenced by the various scratches on the walls around the house, they loved to play with anything and everything that does/doesn’t move. They’ve calmed down somewhat now though, and tend not to demolish the walls but instead stick to the toys they have. So far this includes one squeaky mouse and my toy racing car.

As ever, fascinated by everything.

As ever, fascinated by everything.

Either an asset to my housemate’s training or the animal’s homely instincts, they’ve yet to, a-hem, leave their mark in awkward places, and understand they must stick to the litter box in my housemate’s room.

With their favourite toy.

With their favourite toy.

They’re also becoming much more cuddlier than when I got back, around three weeks ago, and hopefully the more weeks go by, the cuddlier they’ll become.

Becoming slightly more cuddly. Hopefully. Maybe. Not.

Becoming slightly more cuddly. Hopefully. Maybe. Not.


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