The Ballad of Baking, a new poem

A Sunday morning, bright and clear,

To stay in bed, or bake?

Its fine to sleep, but oh, those smells!

The bug to bake has got me up!


The sheets are off, the clothes are on,

It’s time to zoom into

The kitchen, apron at the rea-

But wait, where has it gone?


I thought I left it with the coats,

It must be here somewhere,

I swear! Oh wait, it’s here, beneath

The mackintosh, thank God!


What kind of cake should I create?

A toffee one! Says who?

The greatest housemate in the world!

But when I made a cake before,


You weren’t so grateful, were you? Oh,

I will this time, I swear!

Okay, okay! Well off you go,

I need to bake alone!


So off he goes, the little shit,

While I bring out the eggs

And flour, sugar, margarine,

And in the bowl it goes.


I don’t bother to do it well,

The best from me, he just

Shan’t get! But how about instead

Of using toffee, we


Put in some chilli! What a thought!

So in it goes, and cooks

Away. He’ll love this cake,

I think it’ll blow him away.


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