Suddenly becoming a comic book nerd.

   ImageI appear to, unintentionally, gained a comic book collection. Or, if you want to be technical about it, a graphic novel collection. When I was younger, the only real comic book I would read was the Asterix comics, and as such I’ve a whole library of his adventures back home in Lincolnshire. But over the past few years, my tastes in comics have been expanding.

   Initially, I think I avoided being a fan of the medium, because comics are well-known for telling an immersive story over several issues, which can include several years! But recently, the more I’ve been collecting, the more I realize that what I thought before was rather shallow, and that the world of comics is one that’s thoroughly absorbing.

   Of course, if you’re a fan of comics or not, I think everyone should have a bit of Alan Moore on their shelf, namely Watchmen and V for Vendetta, two incredible pieces of fiction that totally re-invigorate the themes of superheroes.Image

   Also in my collection are several Transformers comics. I initially grew up on Transformers during the Armada/Energon years, but I soon gravitated more towards the comics. The stories in the comics seemed much more epic than those in the cartoons. At first I became hooked on Simon Furman’s recent re-imagination of the G1 world with the IDW continuity, owning Infiltration, Stormbringer, and Escalation. Only recently however, I’ve started pining for the remainder of the –tion series.

   I didn’t want to buy more originally because of my said fear of having to keep up with a story that I might loose interest/finance in, but apparently, the remaining –tion series tell a fairly stand-alone and decent story, so I’m keeping my eyes out for any cheap editions.

   I’ve also got the two volumes that collect the 12-issue Generation 2 storyline, one which originally took my fancy years and years ago. I remember having the first issue of G2, plus the four/five Snake Eyes issues that explain how Megatron gains a new body, but they’ve since become lost, replaced by these two epic volumes. And the story itself is truly epic, on a religious/philosophical scale! Michael Bay’s got nothing on Simon Furman when it comes to this type of story.Image

    Also here in my collection are a few war comics, namely Battler Britton and the War Stories Vol. 2 anthology, both by Garth Ennis. I’ve plenty more war comics back home, specifically those marvellous Battle/War/Combat Picture Library titles. They make for fab war reading, as do Garth Ennis’ gritty and dramatic titles seen here.

   I mentioned being an Asterix fan, and here you can see just the one volume, which I picked up in a charity shop that had several other Asterix titles. Being the fan I am, I’d already got them, but the shop also had several Tin Tin comics as well. My mum was always very lucky in scouting second-hand Asterix paperbacks when I was younger, but Tin Tin was always harder to come by, so much so that these are the first Tin Tin titles I’ve ever owned.

   And if the Tin Tin titles are anywhere as exciting and humorous as the Asterix titles, it’ll be money well spent.Image

   And of course, I’m sure you’ve noticed my trilogy of Batman titles. He’s rapidly becoming my favourite superhero. I can’t quite work out why, but he just appeals to me more than any Marvel legend or any other DC character. This is a fine trilogy of works; Frank Miller is an excellent writer of a neo-noir style, giving something fresh to the whole action/drama combination. The Long Halloween is amazing too, and I’ll soon be hunting down its sequel, Dark Victory.Image

   Lastly is my Gerry Anderson collection. As I’ve said in my ‘about me’ page, Gerry is a legendary figure for me, and these comics are just as action-packed and riveting as the TV show, maybe even more so. Several of these stories, such as those in the Thunderbirds comics, feature the apparent death of Brains and The Hood raiding, and attacking Tracy Island. The Stingray and Captain Scarlet adventures are just as spectacular, and overall make me proud to finally be a comic book nerd!Image

   It did come up on me rather sneakily. I’ve always known that I’m a nerd for many things. Perhaps it was bringing these books back to Uni with me and giving them their own space on my bookshelf, so that I can now see just what a fine collection I have.

   I think, right now, my collection is decently diverse, with a range of writers and artists from many different schools of comic book writing/drawing.

   It’s still rather small, I’m sure, compared to other comics book nerds, but give it a few years and, like my vinyl collection, it’ll be just pouring from the shelf themselves!


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