And another new (ish) poem – Somewhere, a Light Goes Out

I can’t come home tonight.

The dogs are fed and the fire crackles patiently,

And the curtains are drawn and the children are in bed,

But my arms won’t be around you tonight.


If I could speak in stars,

Then the sky would light up brighter than your eyes,

When I say ‘I love you’,


But I won’t be making your bedtime cocoa tonight.

I can’t be the pillow where you lay your head,

I can’t be the cup that you pour your troubles into,

I can’t be the fire that you warm your cold hands on,

I can’t be the coat that you cling onto in despair,

I can’t be the man on the moon that you look up to,

I can’t be the man you want me to be.

I can’t be the hero of the hour, and you can’t be my heroine.


I can’t come home tonight, my love,

But I’ll be waiting for you in the morning.


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