Ode to a Sausage Roll, a poem.

Ode to a Sausage Roll


Salute the slender sausage roll,

It fills the heart and warms the soul.

The fluffy pastry hides the seasoned meat,

Inside the silky pork is hard to beat.

You’re soft and savoury,

And full of spice, for me.

You just caress my inner gum,

And plus, you dance upon my tongue.

You’re my escape from all the things I hate,

Apart from proper folk, you are my mate.


And yet, my mum, she says the worst,

‘If you eat any more, you’ll burst!’

The kids at school say something just as bad,

‘They give you cancer, ain’t that just sad?’

A dreadful way to go,

But I just can’t say no.

Just think, there’s cancer in a sausage roll,

It’s just enough to kill my soul.

But I just can’t decide to change my snack,

I’d let myself just die, and won’t look back.


They may well be the end of me,

But think how full my tum’ would be!

For sure, I’d die the way I want to go,

But how many it’d take, I just don’t know.

But all this talk of death

Has dragged me down, at best.

I could just give them up, and live,

But loose those tasty treats? As if!

I bet it’s all a lie, it sounds so dumb!

I think I’ll burst instead, that sounds like fun!


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