The Joys of Car-booting

ca   Being the LP nerd that I am, I often find that car-boot sales are treasure troves for collectors like me. There’s ALWAYS at least three stalls selling the things, but a lot of the time, its just a small pile of your average ABBA/Rod Stewart compilation that nobody else wants, and eventually you leave the place feeling beyond disappointed. But sometimes, by the time you leave, you end up with something like this…


   Now to be fair, not all of these came from car-boot sales, but they all came from the same place, and the same day. Generally, car-boot sales are large fields, and nothing more, but this one, up in Hemswell near Market Rasen, was once the site for a RAF team, and as such there’s a huge field and several buildings that have been converted into antique centers.

   I love finding places like these, its a whole day out, and for collectors of not just LP’s, but books, CD’s and DVD’s, its pure paradise. And none too expensive! You don’t half have to get up early though to catch the best of it all, but if you’re a collector like me and come across stuff like this, it’s more than worth it.

   But it also occurs to me, because not everything here came from the one person, the people who sell these things perhaps aren’t aware of how generous they are, or how happy they can make the buyer. Item by item and seller, by seller, it might not seem like much, but added altogether it can make the one buyer over the moon (i.e. me!)

   I like to think I’m quite idiosyncratic with my tastes in this sort of stuff, but I suppose when you’re a collector, your tastes in actual titles of books/types of music/genres of DVD’s is irrelevant. What matters is that they are here to be collected, and hopefully these places will always have these things for years to come.


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